The main message of LightingEurope position paper “Do photo-luminescent exit signs offer sufficient safety during power failures?” is that signs of the photo-luminescent type, i.e. where the active material making up the luminous parts of such signs needs a period of exposure to light before they become visible in darkness, do not provide adequate safety conditions. They cannot be used as an alternative to internally or externally illuminated escape route signs and are not a substitute for appropriate emergency lighting.


This LightingEurope position paper on photo-luminescent exit signs contains information on the following items:

  • What are photo-luminescent exit signs and how do they work?
  • Which standards apply?
  • Time dependent decay of the phosphorescent
  • Conclusions


LE_WG_EL_009H_LightingEurope Position Paper Photo-Luminescent Exit Signs_February 2014_FINAL